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About us


Vietnam National Innovation Center is a unit under the Ministry of Planning and Investment, established by the Prime Minister in Decision No. 1269/QD-TTg dated October 2, 2019 with the function of supporting and developing Vietnam's startup and innovation ecosystem, contributing to renewing the growth model based on science and technology.

The Center is built with the most advanced model and practice, suitable to the Vietnamese context, with specific, superior and competitive mechanisms and policies compared to the region and the world. According to the proposed plan, the Center is expected to have its headquarters in Hanoi and an operating base in Hoa Lac. Along with that, investment capital to build the Center will be mobilized and contributed from domestic and foreign enterprises in various and appropriate forms and through investment socialization; do not use investment capital from the state budget.



The National Innovation Center (NIC) will be the nucleus for the development of Vietnam's innovation ecosystem, aiming to become the leading Innovation Center in the region, contributing to accelerating the transformation. fundamental to Vietnam's economic future, bringing the country to stages of rapid and sustainable development.


The National Innovation Center is a gathering, leading and connecting place to build a complete innovation ecosystem on a national scale; providing the basis for businesses to innovate, focusing on promoting technology transfer, research and development and commercialization in a favorable institutional testing environment to ensure competitiveness in the region. regional and international.

Core values

As the first National Innovation Center built according to international standards common in Vietnam, the Center will operate on the principle of ensuring effective promotion of the role of a leading center, a An important link in the system of innovation centers to perfect the creative startup ecosystem. In the spirit of being ready to take on new challenges, discover, test, apply and develop, the Center will lead domestic Innovation support institutions and related organizations and units. towards the formation of a synchronous and efficient ecosystem.

When economic and technological competition is increasingly fierce, technological innovation in production and business will bring the strongest competitive advantage. The rapid development of new generations of technology has brought many opportunities as well as challenges. The Center will develop along with the global trend, contributing to bringing Vietnam to quickly catch up, advance with and surpass in science, technology and economy.

With the motivation to promote Vietnam's Innovation ecosystem, the Center focuses on attracting and gathering resources, creating a connection platform to encourage actors in the ecosystem to participate in cooperation. , support and resonance, towards achieving sustainable development in the future. At the same time, the Center also promotes comprehensive partnerships, development cooperation with the world in order to update the startup trend of innovation and take advantage of Vietnam.

Innovation capacity plays an important role in the long-term development potential of a country. The Center will mobilize, attract and connect human intellectual resources, contribute to promoting the sharing of knowledge and technology, creating new results and progress, and unleashing integrated innovation capacity. of the whole ecosystem.

The Center is a public non-business unit in the field of economic cause under the Ministry of Planning and Investment. The Center is responsible for developing and organizing the implementation of internal spending regulations, asset use regulations, grassroots democracy regulations, financial disclosure regulations, and internal audit regulations according to regulations. Comply with regulations on publicity and accountability for the unit's operations in accordance with law. Provide complete, timely and accurate information on the management and use of public assets, suitable to each subject providing and receiving information.


The Center is entitled to exercise autonomy in performing tasks of organizational structure, personnel, finance, and assets in accordance with current laws and regulations of the Ministry of Planning and Investment.

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