In the afternoon of September 9 (Vietnam time), the National Innovation Center, the Ministry of Planning and Investment cooperated with the Japan Business Association in Vietnam (JCCI) and the Japan Business Promotion Organization (JCCI). Japan Trade (JETRO) organized the Workshop "Promoting open innovation between Vietnam - Japan (1st time)" with the theme "Green technology in the transportation sector".

Within the framework of innovation promotion activities of the Vietnam - Japan Joint Initiative, the workshop is of great significance in enhancing cooperation between startups and innovators in both countries. thereby contributing to improving the investment and business environment of Vietnam, towards the goal of development and common prosperity of both the Japanese business community and Vietnamese enterprises. With the first topic on Green Technology in the transport sector (GreenTech - Mobility), the seminar featured a live presentation from representatives of startups and innovative businesses that have a positive impact on the industry. green technology, effectively contributing to socio-economic development, towards the goal of sustainable development and environmental protection. Specifically, the conference included the participation of 3 startups from Vietnam, of which outstanding clean energy solutions are: Dat Bike, Wiibike and Selex Motors.

In the face of global air pollution causing many countries to tighten emission standards for motor vehicles, Mr. Nguyen Huu Phuoc Nguyen, founder of Selex Motors, presented at the seminar. with the desire to research and develop a comprehensive ecosystem and energy solutions to optimize smart electric vehicles and gradually bring clean energy into traffic. Along with that, in the context that electric vehicles are becoming a development trend of many countries around the world with a growth rate of more than 10%/year and an estimated market of 60 billion USD by 2025, the number of Vietnam's electric vehicles still account for a very small proportion compared to a country with nearly 100 million people, showing an extremely attractive market potential. “For that reason, seizing the opportunity with pioneering steps in the electric motorcycle industry for startups like Dat Bike will also help Vietnam gain many positive achievements in changing habits. people's movement” – Mr. Nguyen Ba Canh Son, general director of Dat Bike shared. In the same online discussion on the topic of green transport, Wiibike general director, Ms. Nguyen Thi Thu Hang also emphasized the company's mission in providing solutions for the urban transport ecosystem 4.0. aims to reduce air pollution, focus on developing green products using clean and renewable energy and at the same time solve the problem of lack of physical activity of the Vietnamese people. Besides the presentation session, startups also expressed their desire to have opportunities to cooperate and support investment, market development and supply chain, as well as share experiences in the transfer of public solutions. technology from Japanese enterprises or organizations in the near future.

The seminar "Promoting open innovation in Vietnam - Japan" helped convey important information to help Japanese businesses and organizations have the opportunity to better understand innovative start-ups. created in Vietnam, thereby promoting trade connections, contacting and mobilizing Japanese businesses to increase investment and cooperation with Vietnam, contributing to the good development of the bilateral relationship. comprehensive strategic partnership for peace and prosperity in Asia between the two countries.

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