NIC accompanies the platform “Help me!” Connecting and supporting people affected by Covid-19

NIC accompanies the platform “Help me!” Connecting and supporting people affected by Covid-19


Community connection platform “Help me!” has just officially launched on two application stores App Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android) which are in the process of testing and perfecting to be ready for the official product launch.

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"Help me!" is a Non-profit project for the community with the aim of joining hands to support Vietnamese people who are affected by the Covid-19 epidemic, initiated by a coalition of 4 units including STEAM for Vietnam, Got Company. It! Vietnam, Kompa Group company, and Filum company, in which Dr. Tran Viet Hung CEO Got It! is a member of the Vietnam Innovation Network.

The project has received participation and support in project coordination from the very early days of its implementation from the National Innovation Center (NIC), the operator of the Vietnam Innovation Network since 2015. 2018 and until now, it has continuously called and supported Network members around the globe to join hands to solve problems of domestic enterprises as well as support to solve major problems of the whole society such as the covid pandemic. 19 now. NIC and Project “Help Me!” application development cooperation; connect government agencies, business community to mobilize necessary resources to participate in exploiting and using the platform; connect members of the Vietnam Innovation Network who are Vietnamese doctors globally and other partners to jointly develop or sponsor the Project.

The first application on the platform “Help me!” is to connect doctors so that people can be consulted remotely by doctors in health care. Whenever a user has a request for consultation, they can directly submit the request to the Help me platform! from a smartphone, the system will find a suitable medical professional and connect directly. Doctors and users can communicate with each other via chat or video call for doctors to advise patients.

In the current situation, when many medical facilities in hot spots are overloaded to serve severe Covid-19 patients, the platform "Help me!" will contribute to reducing the burden on medical facilities by mobilizing a network of medical professionals everywhere to help with mild patients or close contacts. Doctors and nurses can always participate in the fight against the epidemic remotely by supporting mild patients in hot spots.

Project team “Help me!” There are also plans to expand the feature to support people affected by Covid-19 with needs beyond medical and psychological health advice such as sharing essential items or other difficulties as a result. of the pandemic.


Represent project "Help me!" introduced the platform with Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh at the ceremony to announce the connection of the telehealth consulting and treatment support platform (Telehealth) and launch the National Center for Covid-19 Prevention and Control technology on September 9. /8

Mr. Vu Quoc Huy, Director of NIC said: NIC is a unit whose mission is to discover and support innovative and advanced solutions, technologies, and innovations that are applied to solve specific needs of the community. have a positive impact on improving the quality of life of the people. In addition to supporting the Project so that it can develop quickly in the near future, to meet the diverse needs of people to access support, as an agency under the Ministry of Planning and Investment, the Center for Innovation National innovation through this project will grasp the difficulties that people are facing due to the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic and propose it to the Ministry of Planning and Investment in advising and developing policies for the Party. and the Government to provide more and better support to the people.

Mr. Tran Viet Hung, founder of GotIt!, representative of the project “Help me!” Sharing, the support and companionship from the National Innovation Center will help the project "Help me!" quickly get the support and participation of a team of doctors and medical staff across the country and support many covid 19 patients and people affected by the pandemic, to Help Me! soon become a national platform to be able to serve more people and be more useful.

“Besides, the support and companionship of the National Innovation Center and the Ministry of Planning and Investment will also create trust and peace of mind for users as well as the team of experts involved. into this project, Mr. Hung said.

The two sides also expect that through this cooperation relationship, the project will have more resources to expand and especially connect with policy agencies to join hands in response to the spirit of "Fighting the epidemic." such as fighting the enemy" and contributing to the implementation of the "dual goals" of the Government.


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