Google I/O Extended Vietnam 2021: Affirming Vietnamese programmers' desire to reach out

Google I/O Extended Vietnam 2021: Affirming Vietnamese programmers' desire to reach out


In 2 days (July 3 and 4), Google I/O Extended Vietnam 2021 – The largest technology event in Vietnam was successfully held, reaching more than 26,000 interested people and nearly 4,000 online followers throughout the event.

Google I/O Extended Vietnam 2021 program is jointly organized by GDG Community and GDG Cloud in Vietnam, National Innovation Center (NIC), CoderSchool, Danang Business Incubator (DNES), Community Tech Lovers; with companionship from EPAM Systems, VNG Corporation, Goldsun Focus Media, Webuild Community and the University of Greenwich. 

Opening with a passionate sharing from the representative of Google Vietnam, NIC Co-Organizer and EPAM Sponsor  

Speaker 9
Google I/O Extended Vietnam 2021: Affirming Vietnamese programmers' desire to reach out 3

At the opening session, Ms. Quynh Tram, CEO of Google in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia shared with attendees the topic: "How are technology companies supporting the community during the pandemic? ". Thereby, she brought the programs Google is implementing in Vietnam closer to the developer community and expanded opportunities to participate in dynamic support activities, such as: Google developer community GDG, GDG Cloud, DSC programming student club,…

With the goal of building a growing IT industry in Vietnam, the representative from the National Innovation Center (NIC) – Mr. Vu Quoc Huy and Mr. James Turner from EPAM Vietnam emphasized the potential, cooperation opportunities of domestic and foreign enterprises. This helps build a community that receives quality young technology and promotes digital transformation more and more effectively.

A series of practical issues are answered in technology sharing sessions

Migration trends to the Cloud, PWA, Tensorflow, Kotlin, and security were all topics of great interest from attendees. By leading professionally but equally funny and interesting, the speakers of Google I/O Extended Vietnam 2021 all have convincing answers, step by step unlocking questions and problems of programmers. encountered while working on the actual project.

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Google I/O Extended Vietnam 2021: Affirming Vietnamese programmers' desire to reach out 4

To review the sessions, you can visit:

As the tech experts say, keep trying to be better!

During the discussion session "Success in Silicon Valley, success with big dreams in Vietnam", 3 representatives, Mr. Thuc Vu, Mr. Hung Tran and Mr. Ma Nam, all commented that: Thanks to the opportunity to work In the world's leading technology valley, we have access to a favorable environment, such as: huge resources, cultural diversity, attractive remuneration, more understanding of the human market. , cultivate professional abilities, etc. From there, there is a quick springboard to build your own startup. But this is also a fierce battlefield, because if the project is born without the enthusiastic investment of development, constantly looking for ways to increase revenue and investment capital, it will also face countless challenges and competition. struggles and difficulties. 

And even when "dreams come true" in Vietnam, Founder of OhmniLabs, Founder of Got It and Director of TrueID still constantly dedicate themselves to large and small technology projects. They are constantly trying to create many practical values to improve the quality of people's lives with their ability, high determination and with the technological products that they make. 

Also the women who "drive" start-ups that resonate in the domestic and foreign technology circles, Ms. Van Vu and Ms. Vy both bring a common spirit about a successful and sustainable start-up journey. Each has a story, a passion, but the common point of the two sisters is their dedication in every job, even the smallest things. Moreover, learning to listen to yourself is an important factor in finding your strengths or practicing the "kill the cow" formula will help you dare to go beyond your comfort zone, towards bigger ambitions, and turn that big dream into reality. 

The Google I/O Extended Vietnam 2021 event has ended, but every moment shared by leading engineers and experts is always a lasting value over time. We believe that each attendee can find his or her own image somewhere in each speaker's story, and solve their problems about new technology through each discussion session. Along with the increasingly rapid digital transformation, this is also the right time for many big dreams to take off. Let's wait for breakthrough technology solutions from Vietnamese talents. 

Google I/O Extended Vietnam will return every year

Google I/O Extended is an extended version of Google I/O that takes place in different regions and cities around the world every summer.

In July this year, Google I/O Extended Vietnam 2021 was held online, bringing interesting sharing sessions, updating Google's latest technology trends to the developer community in Vietnam. . At the same time, this is also an opportunity to meet / exchange with famous engineers in Silicon Valley.


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