Dong Thap, September 29, 2022– The National Innovation Center (NIC) in collaboration with the Department of Planning and Investment of Dong Thap Province, the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of Dong Thap Province organized the Workshop: “Innovation of the Smart Agriculture sector through the application of technology”.

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Workshop: "Innovation in Agriculture through technology application".

For many years, the agricultural sector has always affirmed its role as the pedestal of the economy, ensuring the supply of food, food and essential goods, and is an important basis for the implementation of security and people's well-being. make an important contribution to socio-political stability and development of the country. The domestic economy is entering the recovery phase, the growth forecast is quite optimistic in 2022. Besides boosting production, the agricultural sector also actively researches, forecasts, and takes advantage of opportunities from agreements. free trade agreements to promote agricultural exports; continue to promote restructuring towards the development of modern, ecological and circular economy agriculture; restructuring crops and livestock, freeing up resources for the development of production, processing and consumption of agricultural products. In that context, the Workshop "Innovation in Agriculture through the application of technology" has an important meaning in opening up opportunities to connect and exchange and share knowledge and experiences on innovation. innovation in agriculture in general and for the Mekong Delta in particular, thereby orienting to promote the development of agriculture based on local advantages, meeting the general requirements of the economy - society and regional and international markets.

Speaking at the launch event, Deputy Director of the National Innovation Center, Mr. Do Tien Thinh said: “Remaining limitations and challenges for the fields of cultivation, animal husbandry, fisheries and forestry in Vietnam have opened up urgent needs, requiring the agricultural industry to actively harmonize. and integrate the values of the industrial revolution 4.0 with knowledge agriculture and smart agriculture. From the experience of developed countries, it is shown that innovation in agriculture helps to change production processes, build areas of qualified raw materials, improve quality, build product value chains, develop digital agriculture to increase farmer income and access world standards…”

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Deputy Director of National Innovation Center Mr. Do Tien Thinh

At the workshop, the representative of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of Dong Thap province gave an overall and objective analysis of the current situation and the need to apply technology in agriculture in Dong Thap province in order to identify the problems and aspirations. and urgent needs of agricultural enterprises, farmer households and cooperatives in the region in production work. Accordingly, Ms. Nguyen Thi Thu - CEO of MEVI Impact Business Initiatives Joint Stock Company shared at the event about the development direction in line with the general situation of local agricultural enterprises in the region. innovative path to sustainable agriculture, offering solutions to reduce production costs, improve capacity, productivity and competitiveness of agricultural products in the market. Specifically, in order to reduce input costs in farming, ensure safe products for health, and reduce emissions to the environment, Ms. Nguyen Thi Thu gives guidance and encourages businesses to apply automatic technology. digitalization, blockchain system and Metaverse into the production, storage, and testing of products. In addition, modern methods and models of processing and preserving agricultural products should be applied, automatic production lines should be applied to improve product quality and cost in the market.

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Ms. Nguyen Thi Thu - CEO of the Joint Stock Company to support business initiatives to create an impact MEVI

Dr. Le Thi Kim Loan - Vice Dean in charge of the Faculty of Agriculture and Food Technology at Tien Giang University gave a presentation on new features in the application of technology for sustainable agricultural development in Vietnam. Tien Giang, giving practical perspectives and lessons for Dong Thap in the process of innovation and technology application in agricultural production. According to the doctor's share, thanks to promoting the application of science and technology, restructuring production, preventing and controlling diseases, the province's agriculture and rural development still overcome difficulties and challenges. , well implement the "dual goal" of both developing the industry and effectively preventing the epidemic. Contributing to the topic of the workshop, Mr. Nguyen Duc Tung - General Secretary of the Vietnam Digital Agriculture Association offered solutions to help farmers apply digital technology comprehensively in sustainable agricultural production (model). agricultural closed supply chain model), encouraging the promotion of a B2B platform connecting domestic enterprises and international markets for agricultural products.

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Mr. Nguyen Duc Tung - General Secretary of Vietnam Digital Agriculture Association

During the workshop session, the Announcement Ceremony of Cooperation to Promote Innovation in Dong Thap Province between the National Innovation Center (NIC) and the Department of Planning and Investment of Dong Thap Province took place successfully. . The event marks a new turning point for Dong Thap province in particular and the Mekong Delta in general, towards proactively creating sustainable and harmonious development, based on three pillars of economy - society - environment. school; effectively use resources, promote development and application of science - technology, innovation and digital transformation; promoting green economy, circular economy with ecological agriculture as the focus, energy industry as a breakthrough, service as the pedestal.

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Announcement Ceremony of Cooperation to promote innovation in Dong Thap province between the National Innovation Center (NIC) and the Department of Planning and Investment of Dong Thap province


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