The Project Management Board "Support for the development of the National Innovation Center" announces the recruitment of the position in charge of accounting

The Project Management Board "Support for the development of the National Innovation Center" announces the recruitment of the position in charge of accounting


As follows:

I. Subjects of recruitment

1. Persons who fully meet the following conditions may apply for recruitment

– Being a Vietnamese citizen, having a permanent address in Vietnam, of working age as prescribed by law;

- Have a clear background;

– Having qualifications, experience, diplomas and certificates suitable to the vacancies standards (according to Clause 2.2, Section II below)

- Have good moral character;

– Have enough health to take on the task and perform the job.

2. The following people are not allowed to apply for recruitment

– Loss of civil act capacity or restricted civil act capacity;

- Being prosecuted for criminal liability; are serving criminal judgments or decisions of the Court; are being applied administrative handling measures to send to medical treatment establishments, educational institutions, reformatories.

II. Number, position and recruitment criteria

1. Number, vacancies

Recruiting 01 employee for the position of Accounting Manager of the Project Management Board.

2. Recruitment criteria

2.1. Scope of work

In charge of accounting working at the Project Office in Hanoi; be responsible for all accounting and financial work of the Project, which includes the following main jobs:

a) Financial planning and monitoring

- Presiding over the development of periodical financial plans on the basis of the project's operation plan; monitor financial and accounting work for the approved work in the operational plan and financial plan, ensuring compliance with regulations on finance and accounting.

- Prepare monthly and quarterly advance requests; Ensure timely payment and advance payment documents in accordance with regulations.

– Help the Director of the Project Management Board in monitoring the Project budget and adjusting the Project budget.

b) Accounting work, making financial reports of the Project

– Building an accounting system, including reporting forms in accordance with regulations. Set up and maintain the Project's financial accounting system on computer, financial management software including reporting forms and record keeping system for the entire Project.

- Responsible for cash transactions, bank deposits; Prepare payment request form, receive and disburse, cash reconciliation, bank deposit and related works.

- Prepare balance sheet and prepare completed reconciliation report.

- Working with auditors and inspection teams, examining project finance.

- Prepare project financial reports and submit to the Director of the Project Management Board to report to the Ministry of Planning and Investment according to regulations.

- Implement project settlement work, make project settlement reports.

– Store all records and financial data of the project as prescribed.

c) Project financial control

– Check and ensure that all costs of the Project are in compliance with applicable procedures and regulations; payments for contracts under the Project's activities are strictly in accordance with the terms and conditions of the contract.

– Proposing to improve the project financial system and procedures to strengthen internal control and meet audit requirements.

d) Other tasks

- Maintain inventory of project equipment and assets.

- Implement other related financial activities assigned by the Director of the Project Management Board.

2.2. Qualifications and requirements

a) Degree

- At least graduated from university majoring in economics and at least graduated from high school majoring in Finance, Accounting.

Having a certificate of chief accountant (which is still valid) or having a certificate of training for chief accountant and having been appointed as chief accountant no more than 5 years before the time of recruitment.

b) Experience and skills

- At least 5 years of experience in accounting and financial management. Preference will be given to those with experience working for projects using ODA or foreign aid.

- Skilled in analysis, report writing and financial planning.

- Ability to read and understand English well;

- Proficient in the use of computers and office equipment.

III. Application for registration

The application for admission must be enclosed in an application bag with full name; date, month, year of birth, phone number and contact address, profile components include:

- Registration form for recruitment (attached form);

– A statement of curriculum vitae (photo 4×6) certified by the locality or working agency within 30 days, up to the date of submission of the application;

- Copy of Birth Certificate, People's Identity Card (Citizen ID);

– Health certificate (with photo) certified by a competent health authority within 03 months from the submission time;

- Copies of diplomas and certificates (certified);

– Four (04) stamped envelopes, clearly stating the recipient's name, address and contact phone number, two (02) color photos of size 4×6 taken within the last 6 months.

IV. Contract and expected salary

1. The content of the probationary period shall be agreed upon by the Project Management Board and the candidate. The contract when being recruited to work at the Project Management Board is a contract with a definite term.

2. Contractual salary: as agreed, in accordance with the norms and regulations in the financial management regulations of the Project. Probationary salary (if any): 85% contract salary.

V. Location, time of receiving applications and recruitment organization

1. Candidate dossiers should be sent to the Project Management Board, room 208, building A, No. 6B Hoang Dieu, Ba Dinh, Hanoi. Phone: 080.44889

2. Time to receive dossiers: Within 10 days from October 5, 2021 to October 15, 2021 during office hours.

3. The Project Management Board will receive applications, review candidates who meet all eligibility requirements, and invite them to interview.

4. The Project Management Board will contact qualified candidates to attend the next interview and selection rounds.

5. The Project Management Board does not return candidate files when they are not accepted.

The Project Management Board "Support for the development of the National Innovation Center" is pleased to announce./.

See details here: /Portals/0/20211005_BQLDA_01TB_0001-pages-1-6_1.pdf

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