The National Innovation Center has the task of supporting and developing the startup and innovation ecosystem with the main components: state management agencies, institutions, institutes, schools, and research institutions. science and technology, financial institutions, investors, businesses, corporations, startups, incubators, legal service providers, support, advisors, intellectuals, science and technology experts to create close links to meet all development needs of enterprises.




Karelia University

The National Center for Innovation (NIC) and Karelia University of Applied Sciences have signed an agreement to cooperate and be an educational partner of the Center

Hanoi Polytechnic University

The National Center for Innovation (NIC) and Hanoi University of Science and Technology (HUST) signed a cooperation agreement to deploy cooperation activities on innovation, technology transfer, ecosystem development, etc. innovation and entrepreneurship in the fields of training, research, consulting, product development, commercialization of research products, organization of conferences and forums

German Organization for International Cooperation (GIZ)

The National Innovation Center (NIC) cooperates with Germany International Cooperation Organization (GIZ) to implement the GIZ Digital Transformation Center project

Golden Sun Media Joint Stock Company (Goldsun)

The National Innovation Center (NIC) and the Golden Sun Concentration Media Joint Stock Company (Goldsun) cooperate to support communication for the Center's activities and promote innovation activities, Vietnam's digital transformation

Japan Trade Promotion Organization (JETRO)

The National Innovation Center (NIC) and the Japan Trade Promotion Organization (JETRO) signed a cooperation agreement to strengthen the friendly relationship and further develop the economic cooperation between the two countries. country.

Venture Capital Fund Golden Gate Ventures

SK innovation

SK Innovation Corporation

SK Innovation Company has agreed to cooperate with the National Innovation Center to support and develop the startup and innovation ecosystem, including supporting the construction of the National Innovation Center. at Hoa Lac Hi-Tech Park; renovating, repairing, upgrading and operating the National Innovation Center in Hanoi (NIC Hanoi); supporting businesses, developing human resources and an innovation ecosystem including supporting NIC's research and regular activities.

SAP Joint Stock Company


Sginnovate . Private Limited Liability Company


Viettel Telecom Corporation

The National Innovation Center (NIC) and Viettel - CHT Co., Ltd. have agreed to cooperate with the National Innovation Center to support businesses in digital transformation and support technology resources.

Hitachi Asia Co., Ltd


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